Types of Electric Vehicles in Meridian, MS

Types of Electric Vehicle Options in Meridian, MS

There are three types of electrified vehicles available to car shoppers in Meridian, MS: BEVs, PHEVs, and HEVs. Hyundai provides a lineup that meets the needs of every driver by carrying a version of each electric vehicle option. However, if you’re new to the EV world, you might not be aware of their differences and how they can benefit you. If that’s the case, keep reading for an overview of each.

Battery Electric Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) runs completely on electricity with powertrains that consist of one or more motors and a battery pack(s). They get the energy to move your car forward by plugging into a home charger, Level 2 charging station, or DC fast charger. Most models can be recharged overnight at home, and if you’re on the go, you can usually charge them from 10 percent capacity to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes at a DC fast charging station. Fully charged, Hyundai’s BEV models have a driving range of 200 miles to well over 300. That means most drivers can recharge once a week or keep their vehicle topped off with short charging sessions throughout the week.

The 2024 Hyundai lineup includes three BEV options:

  • 2024 KONA Electric
  • 2024 IONIQ 6
  • 2024 IONIQ 5

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are a more flexible option for people who aren’t quite ready to switch completely to a BEV. PHEV powertrains include an engine, an electric motor, and a battery pack. They usually have an electric-only mode, a hybrid mode, and a gas-only driving mode allowing drivers to use electric energy when they want to and switch to gasoline when they need to. Most PHEVs have an electric-only range of 30 -50 miles. When the battery is tapped out, it automatically switches to gas-only mode. These models can also be plugged in to charge, but on days when charging isn’t an option, you can visit your gas pump as usual. PHEVs like the 2024 TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid of the SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrid are perfect for people who regularly make short trips on a commute or grocery run but would like the longer range that a gas tank provides for longer trips.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

If you don’t have access to a charging station and you still want to lower your carbon footprint while spending less on gas, a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) may be right for you. HEVs have a powertrain similar to PHEVs with an engine, battery, and motor, but they don’t have an electric-only driving mode. The electric motor augments the engine’s performance, boosting horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. They also don’t plug in to recharge, so there’s no need to adjust your driving habits. These models charge their batteries using the regenerative braking feature.

Hyundai offers four hybrid options.

  • Santa Fe Hybrid
  • Tucson Hybrid
  • Elantra Hybrid
  • Sonata

If you’re in the Meridian, MS, area and you’re looking for an electric vehicle that matches your lifestyle, visit us at the Hyundai of Meridian dealership in Meridian to find the right model.

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